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Quality service is our goal! Do things right the first time and avoid being a victim of paternity fraud by a ‘do it yourself DNA test kit’. AZ DNA provides in home legal paternity testing for a flat fee of only $299. Arizona DNA does its best to keep your DNA test straightforward and uncomplicated.

We have strategic alliances with family law attorneys throughout Arizona. Call today to make your appointment 480.695.6250!

In addition, to help insure effective and precise results, AZ DNA uses a 16 genetic marker technology making our results 99.99% accurate. Moreover, we accomplish AABB accredited results making your DNA results legal, accurate and court admissible.


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Court Legal DNA Paternity

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Serving you & protecting life

All of our tests are confidential, private and results are only, revealed to the parties involved!

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Is Blood Required?

No!!! Our testing consists of a simple painless cheek swab and DNA testing can be done immediately after birth and is just as accurate as blood.

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Owe child support?

Then call today to schedule a mobile, court legal DNA paternity test at 480.695.6250.

Chromosomal Labs • Bode Technology

To help deliver fast reliable and accurate results, Arizona DNA uses Chromosomal Labs • Bode Technology for all DNA and paternity cases.

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Free Home DNA Tests

Why go to an office sit-down and wait for your name to be called when one of our mobile friendly staff members can meet you in the privacy of your own home.

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Friendly yet, professional

Our staff will do their best to assist you every step of the way with your court legal DNA paternity test.

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