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immigration testing

The Embassy or USCIS may suggest DNA testing to establish and conclusively claim your relationship to a U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident who filed an immigrant visa petition on your behalf.

DNA test cost

AZ DNA is the ultimate in personal service and convenience, and brings this service to your home doorstep or office, at the amazingly low cost of only $299.


We accommodate you and your family with same day appointments and "FREE MOBILE SERVICE" to your doorstep, all included in the $299.00 package deal.


Through our strategic alliance with local laboratories, we will guarantee to have your DNA paternity results in as little as 2 to 3 days. In addition, our results are court legal since we use only laboratories which are accredited by the AABB.

child support

Stay one step ahead and before you go to court or have to pay child support, call AZ DNA at 480.695.6250 to schedule your free legal mobile DNA test.

family law

Arizona DNA does its best to keep your DNA test straightforward and uncomplicated.  We have strategic alliances with family law attorneys throughout Arizona.

Arizona mobile DNA & paternity

fast mobile dna paternity testing

court order

Do you have a court order for child support or a paternity test? Rest assured one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff members can assist.

accurate court admissible legal dna

accurate results

Furthermore, to help insure effective and precise results, AZ DNA uses a 16 genetic marker technology making our results 99.99% accurate. Moreover, we accomplish 'AABB' accredited results making your DNA results legal, accurate and court admissible.

home mobile father and child dna test

legal testing

AZ DNA will deliver fast accurate results for all your legal DNA Paternity testing needs!

Schedule your in home legal DNA test

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