Discreet In-Home Mobile
DNA Paternity Testing For $299

Discreet In-Home Mobile
DNA Paternity Testing For $299

Legal Paternity Testing in Phoenix, AZ

  • Arizona Paternity provides a FREE in-home mobile test collection service.
  • Get the legal DNA paternity facts for only $299.00! 
  • Results AABB approved and legally admissible in all Courts.
  • A+ Rating with the BBB.
  • Family-owned and operated since 2006.
  • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK for in-home mobile DNA testing!


Best At-home Test

We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with our FREE in-home mobile DNA testing service with the first-class service we provide to you. We look forward to serving you and your family. All of our staff members are certified and well-trained. Furthermore, we care about your privacy. All client information is fully secured and protected by HIPPA. At the same time, we enforce strict privacy guidelines. So, you can rest assured, all of your personal data will be handled securely, remain strictly confidential, and only be disclosed to the individuals involved in testing.

We achieve AABB-accredited results. Our test results are officially legal and admissible in court in all 50 States. Get accurate testing while only investing $299 for both parties’ test results. Results establish or disprove paternity, so you don’t have to guess. AZ DNA helps you without disrupting your schedule.