Most frequent questions and answers

Private, DIY paternity test results are not admissible in court. Legal DNA testing is required if a judge orders them. Examples of why a judge might order a paternity test to add a parent to a child’s birth certificate, add a child to a parent’s health insurance, establish child support or custody.

Once the parties involved have had their DNA samples collected, results are delivered in as little as 3 to 4 days.

While our paternity test process is similar to DIY paternity test procedures, our legal DNA testing results are AABB accredited through DDC.

No. We collect DNA samples using a simple swab method from the inside of the mouth around the gums. Our simple mouth swab is just as accurate as a blood draw, being AZ DNA uses up to 35 genetic marker technology to achieve test results up to 99.9999999% accurate.

We come to your home or office and perform a simple mouth swab from inside of the cheek.

Yes. We send professionals to your home or office to collect samples discretely and quickly. We have same-day free mobile appointments available in Arizona.

To ensure effective and precise results, AZ DNA uses the latest cutting-edge technology for testing, using up to 35 genetic markers, making results up to 9.9999999% accurate.

While legal DNA test results are only shared with the parties involved, like DIY paternity test results, our tests are sufficient for legal matters.